The Gothic Tea Party – Skele Tea – Promo

Skele-Tea is a roaming 'Gothic Tea Party' available to be hired out for events & special occassions.
It's unique aesthetic is heavily influenced by dark & macabre imagery, inspired by the work of Tim Burton, Ed Gorey & Edgar Allan Poe.

The unique and delishously tempting menu is all hand-made fresh for each event and includes traditional tea party classics as well as our own unique recipes.

If you are looking for a completely unique 'afternoon tea' experience then look no further. We cater to Hen Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Special Events & Occassions.
Skele-Tea is based in Warwickshire in the Midlands, however, we regularly travel all areas of the UK to cater to our customers and we can provide a tea-party at a venue of your choice or even in the comfort of your home.

Filmed in conjunction with Mediacake based in Leeds.

Kristian Arnold Videography